Dairy farming in Uganda…

I should have also mentioned about a visit we organised for the Agricultural students last week in the blog below. We went to see Jeroen Bluijs at the ‘Dutch Farm’ just to the north side of Mbale. He has about 16 dairy cows and the students were completely engaged in his farming practice. He has a mix of breeds and all resources including waste are fully utilised on the premises, with use of bio-gas from the dung and urine, the energy used for pasteurising dairy produce.

The students were so pleased to see the whole set-up and Jeroen shared everything about the business, from a humble beginning of two cows. He strongly encouraged the students to start small and grow the business from there. I managed to buy some of Jeroen’s gouda cheese, the students tried some when we reached home. For the majority, it was the first time they had tried cheese and they liked it. I explained how many types of cheese you can get and it opened a whole new world! It was great to taste great cheese again! 😉




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