Looking forward…


It’s been a while since I last wrote, I know. I have about 6 weeks left until I return home to England. People here have suddenly said they realise how soon my departure is coming and it is hitting home for everyone. I have made some very close friends here at the centre and in town. It’s not going to be easy to leave. I am however, looking forward to seeing dear ones back home. I hope to God I can return to Mbale in some way and that is my prayer. I have been working on the website for BRDC and will shortly take over running it, then will train centre staff in how to write and update it. We have a term break coming up for Easter, so, hoping that time can provide the opportunity for training staff.

I hope to see my friends; Mary and Moses in Mokono for Easter shortly. Towards the end of my stay, I have booked to explore Murchison falls for several days, ‘a must see’ in Uganda. I am working through various things at the moment and hope to finish all I set out to do. One of the things I have been working on is a site map. Students have helped me ‘pace-out’ the site and slowly, I have been able to piece together different sections of the 16-17 acre site. Thing is, the road has come out curved and it is straight! The road heads dead north by my iPhone compass! ūüė¶ I will get to the bottom of it…it is a best estimate plan.

As I left the UK, I left behind my family and many old and newer friends. The relationship with the newer ones was cut short in terms of development and I missed all of them¬†while being here.¬† I know the same will happen when leaving here, there is always a gap of where friends have been.¬†I thank God for friends and family. I have learnt to plan more for sharing time with friends and family and hope I can do this more in the future. I am glad for all the time spent with loved ones before I left the UK as it made for great memories.¬†Before I leave I want to¬†create some great memories and record them for returning and sharing with family and home friends.¬†I have made a commitment to help BRDC in whatever way I can while away, its fantastic that we¬†have¬†modern technology to keep communications fairly ‘local’¬†by internet. Sorry I haven’t written for some time. We are now in rainy season and we have rain most days since the 1 April. I have been amazed how quickly seeds grow here, it may take a week or so to see the emergence of new shoots in the UK, here it is only a matter of days. I planted some cuttings several weeks ago that didn’t get off to a great start, but now with the rains they are thriving. The pineapples that we planted with the students are pushing through new shoots too. The students and instructors said they could courier a pineapple to me, wouldn’t that be sweet? The fruit is unbelievably good and sweet here, because it comes direct from the tree and hasn’t been stored. The sugars reach their full potential.

Last week, I went out with the community-based staff to see some self help groups. Again, it was a delightful experience to see how people are unlocking their natural resources to improve things. BRDC show people how to run savings groups and these alone can immediately transform lives. People are planning for the future and not just thinking about the immediate of today. Tomorrow, for Ugandans, holds payment of school and medical fees, something we take for granted in the UK.

Today I went to an event in town that received 34 mobile ambulances, donated through Wales.

Taken in Bududa a few months ago, a better view!

Taken in Bududa a few months ago, a better view!

These little motorbike vehicles have the potential to save thousands of lives over the course of their lifetime. Many women in the villages die in child birth (I need to look up my stats) and these vehicles, linked to local health centres can help reduce that number for Mbale and the surrounding districts. I will load up some more pics and narrative from the community and the event of today in due course. I fly back to Heathrow at the end of next month.


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