End of term…


I must say I feel tired today.

There has been much activity on-site as the pupils and students leave for the end of our first term of the year. Students were given reports to go home with. I was particularly interested in how the Ag students did, it was great to be able to talk to them about their results. I will still be here when they return on 19 May and I am pleased about that.

Today I have been seeing how things are going on the farm. Some things are getting a little over-grown and other things need to be looked at. I helped one of the farm-hands vaccinate the rabbits this afternoon. It’s quite a full-on job and took three of us to get through more than a dozen animals. I forgot just how much rabbits can wriggle! Unfortunately, I also heard them scream a little, like saying ‘that’s really enough now!’ – I hadn’t heard rabbits make any significant noise before! Lets hope the vaccinations help them fight off mange. We are also getting some drinker bottles for them in the next day or so as Bob Arnold is coming back with supplies. Otherwise, they are healthy, some aren’t so affected as others.

The time seems to be picking up now as my departure date is on the horizon. It will be strange going home, but looking forward to it very much. I am going to speak to my Ag friends about seeing this place. It is wondrous in terms of produce and the fertility of the soil. I planted some cuttings 2-3 weeks ago, that were fairly weak specimens, probably infected with some fungus (I’d left them in water for too long) and low and behold about 90% of them are doing just fine. I hope to get them over to the tree nursery to help supply some green manure for the trees.

We watched a film last night with the female students and it was a good time together, I think it offered them a little relax time after their exams. I then got in and watched two episodes of ‘Cold Feet’ – how old is that?! It’s so naughties, or was it even the 90s? The episodes had Sean Pertwee in them (Worzel Gummage’s son). He really is a FINE actor! 😉

Well, there is much to do, like hand washing and getting the place ship-shape for visitors, I may even make some banana cake. Will write more very soon. I will be keeping an eye on those rabbits…




Just to report on the rabbits, we had two new babies on Monday!


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