About me

My name is Maria and I currently live in Coventry, in suburbia, in a relatively nice area with good neighbours, near a beautiful park.



I started this blog in readiness of starting an adventure in Uganda, East Africa. I first felt a longing to go to Africa at the age of 15.

Lady Godiva of Coventry

Lady Godiva of Coventry

I moved to Coventry in 2005, just after the London bombings. I relocated from London to Coventry with my job, working in the food and farming sector. It was a turbulent time to say the least, as I was dealing with crisis in the industry I worked in and travelling lots between Coventry and London during this time.

Coventry map

I grew up in South-West London, the daughter of a nurse and motor mechanic. My brother, Robert is two years older than me.

As a family, we lived in council property until I was 6 years old, then moved to Tooting where mum and dad could buy an ex-council property. We stayed in Tooting for over 20 years in a place called, ‘Amen Corner’, quite close to Tooting Bec Common.

I went to school in Tooting, with children whose parents’ came from all over the world.

Toot broad tube signIMG_0632IMG_0629

I found faith in God, through belief in Jesus at the age of 14. I found faith through going to a Christian youth group with my best mate, Lizzie. Me and Liz stuck together and just laughed our way through school, feasting on sarcasm, banter and good old silliness.

I have a background in Engineering, Agriculture and PR. I studied at Agriculture colleges in Shropshire and Kent. I have lived in London for 24 years in total, Coventry for 8 years, Kent for 4 years and 3 years across the rest (England and Ireland).

I am planning to go to Uganda in November 2013.

Stained glass window in Coventry Cathedral

Stained glass window in Coventry Cathedral

Old glass window of St. Michael's Cathedral, burned down during WW2.

Old glass window of St. Michael’s Cathedral, burned down during WW2.




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