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Hi all.

Easter came and went very quickly, I travelled West to Mukono to see some friends from the UK, I managed to get a lift with my boss there and a lift back with the Chair of the Board of BRDC. I drove part of the way between Jinja and Mukono.

After arriving in Mukono on Good Friday, we visited the USPCA in Kampala on the Saturday, leaving a bitch for spaying and two puppies. My friend Mary, has a ministry caring for the welfare of dogs, where she has been placed. She helped fund an event nr Mukono for local people to bring cats and dogs for neutering and spaying. Over 100 animals were seen to, probably dramatically reducing the number of unwanted cats and dogs in the area.

The story of one particular USPCA dog is quite touching, she was run over by a taxi (deliberately) in Kampala and her back was broken. She now has a walking frame, or trolley that allows her back legs to be transported, so, she can pull herself around, she is called ‘Hope’. Her story is amazing and we were able to give her lots of love when we saw her! You can see more of her story, as soon as I find the link!

I was also fortunate to go to a Graduate celebration – a thanksgiving event for the achievement of a degree! I had been kindly invited by a friend of Mary’s at New Year and said I would come back for it, God willing. The event was happy and joyous, with lots of dancing and speeches followed by some good hearty African fare, which I LOVE. It consisted of motoke, rice, roast potatoes, beef, chicken, ground-nut sauce and vegetables, my mouth is watering now!

We attended the Uganda Christian University service at Mukono, with cheeky monkeys taking a look at the congregation. They looked like they were going to be mischievous, but we didn’t get anything thrown or dropped on us! The new Vice-Chancellor spoke about our decision to believe in Christ or not, he spoke about the disciples and Peter in particular, how he denied his Saviour, but yet Christ knew Peter still had things to learn about his faith journey. Christ didn’t write him off and he didn’t expect perfection. Women were the first to see the risen Christ and Peter, later on with another disciple. 

The sermon was about the passage from 1 Corinthians 15, verses 35 – 56, talking about our new bodies in the life after this one. He quoted a man who was looking forward to eternal rest and peace after his earthly death, by the words left on his gravestone. The speaker said that he will not be given rest as, all will be raised in power (v 43). There was analogy with that of a caterpillar changing into a pupae and becoming something different, so it is from an earthly, ‘natural’ body to that of a raised spiritual body. ‘If there is a natural body, there is also a spiritual body’ (v 44). Adam’s life ended in death as he fell into sin, but Jesus’ death brings us life as it was the only sacrifice worthy of satisfying God. God had only one answer for us, as he constantly tried to win his people back through the ages, but they always turned away. Belief or faith must begin from the heart and we must know that what Jesus did was enough. It challenged all of us to think about our faith and putting our trust in the Lord for a new resurrection life to come, a life where believers will become co-heirs of the Kingdom of God.